Welcome wbafadmin June 18, 2023

Bahrain Emerges as the Next Global Champion: Poised to Host and Elevate WBAF World Congress Legacy

Bahrain proudly steps into the spotlight as the next champion poised to build on the remarkable legacy of the WBAF World Congress, following in the footsteps of Turkey and South Africa, both G20 countries. The stage is set for Bahrain to showcase its prowess in hosting and organizing this prestigious global event.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is gearing up to host the 2024 WBAF World Congress of Angel Investors (WBAF 2024), marking a significant moment for the region. The event will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, underscoring Bahrain’s commitment to fostering global collaboration and innovation.

The theme of WBAF 2024 in Bahrain will revolve around “Mobilising Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems for Financial Inclusion,” reflecting the nation’s dedication to leveraging technological advancements for economic growth. This theme aligns with the broader vision of the region, emphasizing the role of startups in achieving inclusive and sustainable development.

The hosting venue, with a history as significant as Bahrain itself, will serve as the epicenter of this global convergence. Steeped in tradition and forward-looking, the venue is a testament to Bahrain’s commitment to providing a world-class platform for international events. The inaugural ceremony will echo the sentiment of progress and collaboration, paying homage to the legacy of Bahrain and its aspirations for the future.

Bahrain, with its unique position in the Gulf region, stands as an ideal location for fostering connections between global leaders in early and post-early stage equity and capital markets. The WBAF 2024 will not only bring together key players in the investment landscape but will also host the WBAF Middle East Forum, addressing critical issues that resonate with the region’s economic agenda.

The Congress agenda will feature four pivotal global summits: the Global Startup Summit, Global Women Leaders Summit, Science, Technology and Innovation Summit, and an Ethical Governance Summit. Bahraini startups, alongside international counterparts, will have the opportunity to pitch on the Global Fundraising Stage, fostering cross-border collaborations. Additionally, the WBAF Business School will provide valuable insights through short courses, workshops, and masterclasses.

Prior to the Congress, the 2024 Grand Assembly will convene, bringing together WBAF’s global network, including Senior Associates, High Commissioners, Senior Senators, Senators, and International Partners from 148 countries. The Annual Meeting of WBAF Country Offices will also take place, uniting Country Directors and board members from each office, contributing to the global impact of the organization.

Bahrain’s regional commitment to financial inclusion will be highlighted with the hosting of the WBAF Middle East Forum on Financial Inclusion, emphasizing the importance of regional collaboration in addressing common challenges.

The prestigious VIP Gala Dinner will feature the World Excellence Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in the angel and early-stage investment market. Founders, angel investors, crowd-funders, early-stage venture capital investors, NGO leaders, and policymakers will be acknowledged for their contributions to fostering growth and success.

To entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates, I extend a warm invitation to participate and join our global efforts. Together, let’s ease access to finance for entrepreneurs, enhance digital inclusion, promote gender equality, and increase financial inclusion not only in Bahrain but across the region and the world.

See you in Bahrain, where innovation meets opportunity!


Baybars Altuntas

Executive Chairman,
World Business Angels Investment Forum